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"From Beginner... To Pornstar"

"My sex life used to be average... well I am exaggerating, it was terrible. My lady felt completely unsatisfied by my lack of performance in bed. Yeah, I could talk a good game but unfortunately that's all I could do.

I would watch porno and think "Man, why can't I fuck like that?!"

I would feel very emasculated after sex. To be honest I down right hated it because I was so embarrassed at being a 10 second Tom.

My girl was so supportive and would give me literature to help me, but I'd say "fuck that, I don't need some nerd tell me how to fuck."

When I received the manual I read it in its entirety in 1 day! I thought "Finally, someone who gets it! Who understands my problem!"

I immediately began "training" and have religiously been following the program. Lastly I have been doing all the control exercises for almost 2 months and have gone from beginner to knocking on the door of pornstar.

Needless to say, my lady has been more than greatful. She is practically begging me for sex the moment we wake up, when she gets home from work, and before we go to bed. I have unlocked a completely different person! It is amazing!

Every man should read your manual so he could unlock the secrets to becoming a sexual god!! I honestly believe that if I had this tool earlier in my early 20's, I would have been living the life I have always dreamed of.

Once again thank you for changing my life."

- Clavo R, California

"I Lasted 30 Minutes More"

"Before ordering Ascension I was lucky to last 2 minutes before ejaculating. Last night I was able to have intercourse for a whole 30 minutes.

There's no doubt Ascension saved my marriage. Thank you!"

- Chris J, New York

"It Works..."

"I have to let you know in a tactful way that it works.

The female companions I've had after going through the program have had an absolute different experience - and let me tell you, they do come back for more!"

- Nathan C, London


"There is no price tag on something that changes your life."

- Shawn S, Melbourne

"I Just Have To Say Wow"

"Frankly, given the amount of crap that gets pitched on the internet these days, I was a bit dubious about the whole thing from the get go. I mean, how many CON MEN have you seen trying to pitch their CRAP that ultimately turns out to be a pamphlet pushing some product... or selling some tantric yoga ‘regimen' that only a gymnast could do. I know my friends and I have, multiple times, and I just have to say to those programs... Get Real - Postman: return to sender.

That said, it's obvious that I was, well... MORE than a bit skeptical

But there is so much to gain - after actually receiving and reading through the program, I just have to say WOW.

What makes the impression for me is that the program doesn't focus on some product, or some crazy techniques that only a gymnast could do – at the most basic part, what you've really created is a guide, with an emphasis – and techniques - on improving my sexual game.

Stuff that takes no more than a trip to the grocery store and a review of the techniques found in the program. And, really, what warm-blooded males out there shouldn't be interested in that?"

- Gary I, Bristol

"Even For A Young Guy... My Loads Are Huge Now!"

"Finally my girlfriend is comfortable enough to take a full load to the lips, and thanks to your recommended diet she actually likes the taste!

It's fucking awesome. Not to mention, even for a young guy my loads are huge now."

- Simon P, Texas

"It's Simply Awesome!"

"I can pump harder, last longer, look stronger and sexier, and enjoy the sex without the stressful "trying to please" attitude that's plagued me for years!"

- Terry J, Colorado

"I Loved It So Much"

"Everything in Ascension is so well explained. It conveys everything as simply as possible, so anyone can understand.

All in depth with unbelievable detail. I loved it so much."

- Ken B, London

"I Was Pleasantly Surprised"

"For the beginner if you ever wanted to know the truth about how to improve your sexual performance with no B.S. or theory, just pure actionable information, you'll find it right here."

- Phil G, Oslo

"What I'm Doing In The Bedroom Is - What A Pornstar Does In His Profession"

"Absolute props – You've taken what works and created a program that instead of being filled with bloat, has direct, concise information, taken from your expertise, that any average Joe can learn and perform.

Outside the easy-to-stick with lifestyle tips that every warm-blooded man should know, I find myself taking just 2-3 minutes before an potential encounter just to open up the program and easily get to something I should be keeping fresh in my mind.


But most of all what the program has given me is the confidence to know what I'm doing in the bedroom is what – a PORNSTAR – does in his profession."

- Edward S, North Carolina

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