I’ve been receiving plenty of questions about Ascension: 1-On-1 With The Masters. Apparently, a lot of people find this truly unbelievable.

Well, I can't really blame them, can I?

But the most common question I keep getting asked is: "Which pornstars actually lent their expertize and helped create this system?"

Well, I wasn't lying when I said it was the who's who of the adult industry.

Each star has made wildly successful careers out of their expertise in human sexual pleasure and performance. They are without question, the most informed, experienced and talented masters of sexual ability in the world today.

These consummate sexual masters include a mixture of both male and female performers of all races, ages, sexual preferences, experiences and talents to offer you the full plethora of sexual knowledge.

This means that you will learn all aspects of the sexual experience - not just one person's extraordinarily limited point of view. The result?

Your sexual prowess will skyrocket to unfathomable heights.

Inside you will discover and learn the exact techniques, methods, tactics and secrets used by some of the greatest sexual performers alive including:

What more needs to be added to just the name of everyone's favorite pornstar, the inimitable Ron Jeremy?

If this guy is not the embodiment of Porn, then neither is Johnny Holmes or Jenna Jameson.

Ron started in the industry at just 26 years of age and his career has seen both the 'golden age' of porn and the birth of the internet.

He was voted the #1 Pornstar of all time (AVN).

After entering the industry at just 23 years of age, Ramon had to learn how to go from beginner to expert without missing a step. 

Since then he has repeatedly pleasured some of the most sexually voracious and stunning ladies in the industry.

Ramon is the perfect teacher because like most guys, when it first came to sex... he did not have a clue! He is living proof that anybody (even you) can perform like a pro.

Chris Charming is a true veteran of the adult industry and has performed in over 779 titles and countless scenes.

Born in Germany, Chris began his career at 38 years of age and has since won a number of awards including: AVN's Best Performer, and Best Group Sex Scene.

He has starred with some of the industry's most beautiful women and specialized in anal sex (starring in over 100 anal sex titles), threesomes and more.

Friendly and easy-going, John West is a man who knows exactly how to please women, last longer in bed, dominate threesomes and is a consummate sexual master.

Since joining the industry at just 22 years of age, he has starred in well over 2000 titles.

He has won numerous awards and nominations for his sexual skills (including "Most Outrageous Sex Scene").

James Deen is a man that proves you don't have to be old and wise to know how to be a sexual master – beginning his already prolific career at just 18 years of age. 

Now, still just 23 years old he has already starred in over 810 titles with some of the hottest women in the industry.

By the time you had gotten to first base, this guy had already been "all the way" and beyond, a couple hundred times.

To make sure that every possible angle on how to improve your sexual performance is covered, I also enlisted the help of some of the industry's leading ladies.

They spell out exactly what "women really want in the bedroom" and how to make sure you gain the undying respect of any women you lay:

Known for her fierce dirty talk and gushing orgasms, Priya Rai is a petite woman who knows exactly what she wants.

Not only does she love role-playing, dirty talk and squirting orgasms, but she's also partial to a bit of playful choking and spanking...

And the best part is she will teach you how to try out this kinky stuff with your lady!

This sexy Californian girl burst into the adult industry in 2006, winning AVN's coveted Best New Starlet award. Since then she has steamed up the blue screen in well over 300 titles.

Straight talking and foxy, Jenaveve gives an honest (and confronting) female perspective on how to really please a woman sexually.

JJ provides shocking and detailed insights into what it takes to really please (sexually and mentally) a babe like her.

Sienna has starred in over 60 titles and is a regular favourite on the Brazzers and Bangbros adult sites.

This sexy and experienced siren reveals the hottest and most hardcore secrets about how to give any woman uncontrollable orgasms.

Better yet, she will tell you the real secret to making any girl adore anal sex!

Rachel Starr covers a range of issues including oral sex etiquette and what to eat if you want your lady to swallow your load (with a smile)!

Moreover, her rampant bi-sexualism ensures that she knows exactly what women want in bed.

It's this unique insight that means she can show you the specific techniques, motions and timing required to please any woman.

In case you have some nagging questions yourself about the system and how it can help you, please take a quick look at the some other frequently asked questions below...

...But if you still unsure about anything or have any questions whatsoever then don't be afraid to shoot me an email.

Quite simply because it has already worked for hundreds of guys (of different ages and backgrounds) from all over the world. Check out the success stories to see how it will change your life.

This system has dramatically changed their lives and elevated them to an unworldly level of sexual performance -levels that they had previously thought was impossible...

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Try Ascension: 1-On-1 With The Masters out for a full 60 days, and if for whatever reason you don't feel that it's right for you, then simply email me for a full refund - no questions asked and no hassles.

You don't risk even a single cent. You literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Adult film stars are taught how to control their orgasms and as result, they don't have a problem with premature ejaculation.

However, most will tell you that they are no different to any other average Joe. The only exception is that after countless sexual encounters they have learnt special techniques and methods to control themselves.

Ascension: 1-On-1 With The Masters reveals and teaches all of the techniques that these Titans of Sex use to permanently disable premature ejaculation and last longer.

Hell no!

Whilst some drugs may be effective in the short-term, they are not only very expensive, but also have adverse side-effects and long-term health implications.

Did you know that prolonged use of creams can permanently ruin the sensitivity of your penis... and do you really want to be popping a pill every time you're about to have sex?

Then join the hundreds of other men who have already beat premature ejaculation - drug free!


Ascension: 1-On-1 With The Masters is available as an interactive software program (compatible with both Windows and Mac) that you can download immediately to your very own computer.

The system also contains step-by-step instructions, techniques and methods that you can begin to use as early as tonight.

Check out the success stories to see how it will change your life.


Unlike other available solutions (such as drugs and creams) this is permanent solution - saving you thousands.

You will not be required to continually repurchase expensive medication and unlike other products I don't believe in recurring billing or hidden costs.

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