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A series of revealing private audio consultations with an award winning male pornstar, that comprehensively answers your most sensitive, personal and private fears about sex.

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Topics include:
  • The difference between porno sex vs pleasing your girl and how you can combine them both to really satisfy her
  • Erectile dysfunction and the why drugs (such as Viagra) are not always the answer
  • How to correctly breathe during sex
  • How a married man can handle erectile dysfunction and what natural alternatives he has
  • Why overworking can ruin your sex-life and what you need to do to make sure that you hit your sexual peak - every night!
  • Aligning your arousal levels for an amazing climax with your partner
  • Personal hygiene questions that most guys are too shy to ask!
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Your exclusive guide to sexual seduction (thanks to Nick Savoy and Love Systems).

For those of you that don't already know, Love Systems is the largest and most successful dating science company in the world.

This one-off compendium is a 10-part series packed with incisive and direct information from the Love Systems vault. It contains some of the best sexual seduction techniques ever uncovered in the pickup community.

Included is tried and tested information from Magic Bullets, Routines Volumes (I and II), and some of the best interviews with the greatest pickup artist in the world (the likes of Savoy, Soul, The Don, Braddock, and more).

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  • The exact foods you need to supercharge your sex life... so that you will make any wild stallion look like a timid donkey!
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